Our Services

What We Do

At The Powerhouse Agency, we specialize in a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate your brand and amplify your impact across multiple industries:

Public Relations

Whether releasing a new project, introducing a new product, dropping new music, announcing a special event, or celebrating an accolade, we strategically align your news with the relatable media platforms across music, fashion, tech, sports, entertainment and lifestyle.

Digital/social Media Marketing

We strategically align your brand campaigns with talent, influencers and celebrities with significant influence in the digital and social media space. Whether you are a consumer brand introducing a new product/new service or a streaming platform releasing a new film/series or a network promoting a special program; We curate creative and compelling content angles that is tailored to the preferences and behaviors of your target audience and to foster social engagement and drive consumers to your brand and platform.

Experiential Marketing

Rather than relying on traditional marketing methods, experiential marketing focuses on creating real-world interactions with consumers to drive brand awareness and engagement. We differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace, by creating refreshing memorable and immersive experiences driven with emotional connections with the consumers. By inviting consumers to interact directly with your brand, you leave a lasting impression and loyalty with socially rewarding benefits as well. From pop-up activations, demonstrations, installations or hosted experiences, we bring your brand to the forefront of the competition.

Multicultural Marketing

With a commitment to cultural sensitivity, linguistic diversity, and social responsibility, we strive to position your brand to be an inclusive and equitable world where every voice is heard, valued, and celebrated. With our agency being female and minority owned, we understand first-hand the importance of diversity and inclusion. By embracing the culturally diverse tapestry of humanity, we craft inclusive marketing initiatives that resonate with the unique preferences, values, and experiences of multicultural audiences. Through authentic storytelling, respectful representation, and meaningful engagement, we aim to foster connections, build trust, and empower communities to see themselves reflected in your brand, no matter the race, ethnicity, values/beliefs, abilities, language, gender identity, social status or lifestyles differences.

Social/community Impact

Making a difference in the world is always important. Whether a brand, celebrity or professional athlete, we strategically position our clients to take an active role in the community. With brands, we implement social impact strategy into campaigns to boost philanthropy efforts while subtly integrating their products to connect with its consumers and creating a positive impact in the community. With professional athletes and celebrities, we position them as humanitarians in the community, by aligning them with leading non-profit organizations and/or creating outreach initiatives within their own organizations. Through compelling content or community activations, we develop robust and effective social impact strategies that create meaningful change while contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world.

Event Curating

Whether launching a new project, releasing a new product or celebrating a milestone, we curate an electric atmosphere, immersive environment with every detail meticulously tailored to create an experience that reflects your objectives while entertaining and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Brand Management/partnerships

With the rise of talent and consumer brand partnerships, we effectively navigate brands to match their campaigns and/or collaborations with talent that creates a connection with its target audience. 

With celebrity clients, we elevate their profile in the world of lifestyle and culture by aligning them with brand partnerships, collaborations and capsule campaigns that position them as effective assets in the industry.

Content Creation/storytelling

With the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, it’s become increasingly clear that compelling storytelling is key to capturing and retaining the attention of today’s audiences and elevating a brand. Through our creative team, we craft narratives to engage, inspire, and connect with an audience through various forms of content angles. By utilizing the art of content storytelling with visuals, we aim to position your brand as a thought leader, foster deeper connections with your audience, and drive meaningful engagement.